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Bieri, Peter - Human Dignity: A Way of Living, ebook

Human Dignity: A Way of Living

Bieri, Peter


Dignity is humanity's most prized possession. We experience the loss of dignity as a terrible humiliation: when we lose our dignity we feel deprived of something without which life no longer seems worth living. But

Kostera, Monika - Dignity and the Organization, ebook

Dignity and the Organization

Kostera, Monika


Introduction to Dignity and Organization
Michael Pirson, Monika Kostera
2. Dignity in Organizing from the Perspective of Hannah Arendt’s Worldliness
Sissi Ingman
3. Dignity and Membership: A Route to the Heart of How Dignity

Bal, Matthijs - Dignity in the Workplace, ebook

Dignity in the Workplace

Bal, Matthijs


Introducing Workplace Dignity to Management Studies
Matthijs Bal
5. Implementing Workplace Dignity in Organizations
Matthijs Bal
6. Dignity, Workplace Democracy, and HRM
Matthijs Bal
7. Workplace Dignity

McGregor, Judy - Human Dignity, ebook

Human Dignity

McGregor, Judy


Human Dignity in a World with a Changing Climate
Vanessa C.S.P.A. da Costa, Ricardo A.C. de Miranda
3. Dignity and Disability
Sylvia Bell
4. Globalization and Human Rights
Alok Kumar Meena
5. Dignity and the Fourth Age
Isabella Paoletti

Bani-Sadr, Abol‐Hassan - Dignity in the 21st Century, ebook

Dignity in the 21st Century

Bani-Sadr, Abol‐Hassan


Table of contents
1. The Quest for Dignity
Doris Schroeder, Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr
2. Dignity in the West
Doris Schroeder, Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr
3. Dignity in the Middle East
Doris Schroeder, Abol-Hassan Bani-Sadr
4. Middle East and West: Can Common Ground Be Found?
Doris Schroeder, Abol-Hassan

Zhang, Qianfan - Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy, ebook

Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Zhang, Qianfan


Human Dignity: A Reconstruction of Confucianism
Qianfan Zhang
3. Humanity or Benevolence? The Interpretation of Confucian Ren and Its Modern Implications
Qianfan Zhang
4. Propriety, Law, and Harmony: A Functional Argument for Rule of Virtue