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Lanca, Luis - Digital Imaging Systems for Plain Radiography, ebook

Digital Imaging Systems for Plain Radiography

Lanca, Luis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Luís Lança, Augusto Silva
2. Digital Radiography Detectors: A Technical Overview
Luís Lança, Augusto Silva
3. Digital Radiography Detector Performance
Luís Lança, Augusto Silva
4. Technical Considerations Concerning Digital Technologies
Luís Lança, Augusto

Osten, Wolfgang - Optical Imaging and Metrology, ebook

Optical Imaging and Metrology

Osten, Wolfgang


A comprehensive review of the state of the art and advances in the field, while also outlining the future potential and development trends of optical imaging and optical metrology, an area of fast growth with numerous applications in nanotechnology and nanophysics. Written by the world's

Rockall, Andrea G. - Diagnostic Imaging, ebook

Diagnostic Imaging

Rockall, Andrea G.


Diagnostic Imaging will help medical students, junior doctors, residents and trainee radiologists understand the principles behind interpreting all forms of imaging. Providing a balanced account of all the imaging

Fernandez-Maloigne, Christine - Digital Color Imaging, ebook

Digital Color Imaging

Fernandez-Maloigne, Christine


It covers a wide range of topics related to computational color imaging, including color filtering and segmentation, color texture characterization, color invariant for object recognition, color and motion analysis, as well as color image and video indexing and

Picart, Pascal - New Techniques in Digital Holography, ebook

New Techniques in Digital Holography

Picart, Pascal


A state of the art presentation of important advances in the field of digital holography, detailing advances related to fundamentals of digital holography, in-line holography applied to fluid mechanics, digital color

Bourne, Roger - Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine, ebook

Fundamentals of Digital Imaging in Medicine

Bourne, Roger


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Roger Bourne
2. Digital Images
Roger Bourne
3. Medical Images
Roger Bourne
4. The Spatial and Frequency Domains
Roger Bourne
5. Image Quality
Roger Bourne
6. Contrast Adjustment
Roger Bourne
7. Image Filters
Roger Bourne
8. Spatial Transformation

Easton, Suzanne - Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging, ebook

Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Easton, Suzanne


Practical Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging is an essential and practical guide to the various diagnostic imaging modalities that are used in veterinary practice. It moves from basic mathematic and physical principles through to discussion of equipment and

Akiyama, Iwaki - Acoustical Imaging, ebook

Acoustical Imaging

Akiyama, Iwaki


Strain Imaging for Arterial Wall with Translational Motion Compensation and Center Frequency Estimation
H. Hasegawa, H. Kanai
4. Near-Real-Time 3D Ultrasonic Strain Imaging
G. Treece, J. Lindop, A. Gee, R. Prager
5. Dynamic Resolution Selection in Strain

Kriss, Michael - Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions, ebook

Digital Color Management: Encoding Solutions

Kriss, Michael


All successful imaging systems employ some form of color management for previewing, controlling and adjusting color throughout the image-production process. Today’s increasingly complex systems pose challenging problems: they must support numerous devices and media having disparate