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May, Thornton - The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics, ebook

The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics

May, Thornton


Learn to manage and grow successful analytical teams within your business
Examining analytics-one of the hottest business topics today-The New KNOW argues that analytics is needed by all enterprises in order to be successful. Until now, enterprises have been required to know

Cavanagh, Richard - Be * Know * Do: Leadership the Army Way, ebook

Be * Know * Do: Leadership the Army Way

Cavanagh, Richard


Now, for the first time, you can have access to the Army's successful leadership philosophy and the principles that are outlined in Be Know Do the official Army Leadership Manual. Be Know Do makes this critical information available

Hetherington, Stephen - How to Know: A Practicalist Conception of Knowledge, ebook

How to Know: A Practicalist Conception of Knowledge

Hetherington, Stephen


Some key aspects of contemporary epistemology deserve to be challenged, and How to Know does just that. This book argues that several long-standing presumptions at the heart of the standard analytic conception of knowledge are false, and defends an alternative, a practicalist conception

Clarke, Chris - Ways of Knowing, ebook

Ways of Knowing

Clarke, Chris


The editorial stance of this book is that mysticism and science offer a way forward here, but only if they abandon the idol of a single logical synthesis and acknowledge the diversity of different ways of knowing. The contributors, from disciplines as diverse as music,

Seckbach, Joseph - Life as We Know It, ebook

Life as We Know It

Seckbach, Joseph


Table of contents
Part 1. Life as we know it
1. Biodiversity and Extremophiles
Joseph Seckbach, Aharon Oren, Russell L. Chapman, Debra A. Waters, Ian K. Ross, Aharon Oren, Elizaveta Bonch-Osmolovskaya, Nina Gunde-Cimerman, Christian Tamburini
Part 2. Life in the context of the new science of astrobiology

Clarke, Chris - Knowing, Doing, and Being, ebook

Knowing, Doing, and Being

Clarke, Chris


Between 1965 and 2002 several key lines of research emerged which, taken together, can potentially revolutionise our understanding of the place of consciousness in the universe. Two of these are crucial: first, the analyses of human mental processes by…