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Francioni, Reto - Equity Markets in Transition, ebook

Equity Markets in Transition

Francioni, Reto


Global Developments in Equity Trading
Phupinder Gill
15. From the End of Bretton Woods to the Global Financial Crisis: 40 Years of Turbulence
Hugo Bänziger
16. Risk and Representation: The Limits of Risk Management
Heinz Zimmermann
17. T2S:

Hassan, Kabir - Islamic Capital Markets: Products and Strategies, ebook

Islamic Capital Markets: Products and Strategies

Hassan, Kabir


Islamic Finance represents an elemental departure from traditional interest-based and speculative practices, relying instead on real economic transactions, such as trade, investment based on profit sharing, and other solidary ways of doing business, and aims to incorporate Islamic principles, such as social

Roach, Stephen - Debt Capital Markets in China, ebook

Debt Capital Markets in China

Roach, Stephen


An in-depth look at China’s burgeoning capital markets
Author Jian Gao is the number one authority on fixed income markets in China, and with this book, he brings his considerable experience and knowledge about these markets to investors

Cumming, Douglas - Developing China’s Capital Market, ebook

Developing China’s Capital Market

Cumming, Douglas


Introduction to the Experiences and Challenges in the Development of the Chinese Capital Market
Douglas Cumming, Alessandra Guariglia, Wenxuan Hou, Edward Lee
2. Information Asymmetry and the Diversification Discount: Evidence from Listed Firms in China