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Neher, Krista - Visual Social Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Visual Social Marketing For Dummies

Neher, Krista


How to implement a best-in-class visual marketing plan
It's no secret that visual content online really draws in viewers. People love Pinterest, Facebook, and the like for visual sharing and engaging. Smart marketers know their companies need to tap

Hülsmann, Michael - Strategies and Communications for Innovations, ebook

Strategies and Communications for Innovations

Hülsmann, Michael


Challenges and Visual Solutions for Strategic Business Model Innovation
Martin J. Eppler, Friederike Hoffmann
4. Cognitive Diversity of Top Management Teams as a Competence-Based Driver of Innovation Capability: How to Decode Its Contribution Comprehensively

Rosengren, Sara - Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. IV), ebook

Advances in Advertising Research (Vol. IV)

Rosengren, Sara


The Importance of the Social Context on the Impact of Product Placements
Valeria Noguti, Cristel Antonia Russell
10. Is Website Interactivity Always Beneficial? An Elaboration Likelihood Model Approach
Polyxeni (Jenny) Palla, Rodoula H. Tsiotsou, Yorgos