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Nilsson, Anders G. - Advances in Information Systems Development, ebook

Advances in Information Systems Development

Nilsson, Anders G.


Method Configuration — A Systems Development Project Revisited
Fredrik Karlsson
22. Combining Project Management Methods: A Case Study of Dlstributed Work Practices
Per Backlund, Björn Lundell
23. User Research Challenges in Harsh Environments: A

Hughes, Bill - Windows Phone 7 Application Development For Dummies, ebook

Windows Phone 7 Application Development For Dummies

Hughes, Bill


Learn to build great applications for the new Windows Phone 7 platform!
Whether you're a budding developer or a professional programmer, this four-color reference covers all the details for developing applications specifically for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The straightforward-but-fun

McDonald, Malcolm - Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide, ebook

Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

McDonald, Malcolm


Developing successful business-to-business relationships with more customers in highly competitive markets requires processes and skills that go beyond traditional selling activity. The very best state-of-the-art strategies are set out clearly in this book by

Arezes, Pedro - Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors, ebook

Advances in Safety Management and Human Factors

Arezes, Pedro


Needs and Opportunities for Applying Voluntary Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in the High-Hazard U.S. Dairy Production Industry
Daniel Autenrieth, Noa Román-Muñiz
8. Factors Which Affect Construction Safety in Different Types of Construction