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Held, David - Climate Governance in the Developing World, ebook

Climate Governance in the Developing World

Held, David


Since 2009, a diverse group of developing states that includes China, Brazil, Ethiopia and Costa Rica has been advancing unprecedented pledges to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, offering new, unexpected signs of climate leadership. Some scholars have gone so far as to argue that these

Clarke, Paula J. - Developing Reading Comprehension, ebook

Developing Reading Comprehension

Clarke, Paula J.


Presents cutting-edge, evidence-based interventions for dealing with specific difficulties of reading comprehension in children aged 7-11.An in-depth introduction to the ‘poor comprehender profile’, which describes children who  despite…

Michalopoulos, Constantine - Developing countries in the WTO, ebook

Developing countries in the WTO

Michalopoulos, Constantine


Globalization means that today, more than ever before, growth in developing countries and the reduction of poverty depend on world trade and a well functioning trading system. This volume reviews developing countries trade policies and institutions,

Davies, Brent - Developing Successful Leadership, ebook

Developing Successful Leadership

Davies, Brent


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Brent Davies, Mark Brundrett
2. Developing a Strategic Leadership Perspective
Brent Davies, Barbara J. Davies
3. Developing Ethical Leadership
Robert J. Starratt
4. Developing and Sustaining Leaders of Learning
Dean Fink
5. Developing Instructional Leadership