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Chakrabarti, Amaresh - ICoRD'13, ebook


Chakrabarti, Amaresh


Supporting the Decision Process of Engineering Changes Through the Computational Process Synthesis
Florian Behncke, Stefan Mauler, Udo Lindemann, Sama Mbang, Manuel Holstein, Hansjörg Kalmbach
16. Concept Generation Through Morphological and Options Matrices

Howlett, Robert J. - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016, ebook

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016

Howlett, Robert J.


A New CAD Integrated Application to Support Designers and Increase Design Sustainability
Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele, Barbara Cimatti
2. A Conflict Analysis and Resolution Method Based on Integrating the Extension and TRIZ Methods
Zhao Yanwei, Lou Jiongjiong,

Campana, Giampaolo - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017, ebook

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017

Campana, Giampaolo


What Stops Designers from Designing Sustainable Packaging?—A Review of Eco-design Tools with Regard to Packaging Design
Xuezi Ma, James Moultrie
14. Impact of a Sustainable Manufacturing-Related Learning Game on Basic Knowledge and Network Thinking