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Breidenich, Christof - @Design, ebook


Breidenich, Christof


Table of contents
1. Alte und Neue Medien
Christof Breidenich
2. Die Bedeutung Des Kommunikationsdesigns für Die Gesellschaft
Christof Breidenich
3. Voraussetzungen und Grundlagen der Gestaltung
Christof Breidenich
4. Theorie…

Bolchover, Joshua - Designing the Rural: A Global Countryside in Flux, ebook

Designing the Rural: A Global Countryside in Flux

Bolchover, Joshua


The rural is not what it used to be. No longer simply a site for agricultural production for the city, the relationship between the rural and urban has become much more complex. Established categories such as rural /urban and village/city no longer hold…