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Dooley, Michael - IPv6 Deployment and Management, ebook

IPv6 Deployment and Management

Dooley, Michael


With the announcement in 2011 that the current Internet Protocol (IP), IPv4, has nearly run out, interest in IPv6 -- the latest IP version -- has grown substantially. This book describes IPv6 technology and its repercussions on organizations, including…

Penttinen, Jyrki - The LTE / SAE Deployment Handbook, ebook

The LTE / SAE Deployment Handbook

Penttinen, Jyrki


Describing the essential aspects that need to be considered during the deployment and operational phases of 3GPP LTE/SAE networks, this book gives a complete picture of LTE systems, as well as providing many examples from operational networks. It demystifies the structure, functioning, planning

Schlickel, Maik - Strategy Deployment in Business Units, ebook

Strategy Deployment in Business Units

Schlickel, Maik


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Maik Schlickel
2. Review of the Literature on Strategy Cascading, Context, and Leadership
Maik Schlickel
3. Research Design and Data Collection
Maik Schlickel
4. The Relevance of Organizational…