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Andreasen, Jens O. - Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual, ebook

Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual

Andreasen, Jens O.


The third edition of Traumatic Dental Injuries: A Manual builds on the widespread success of the previous two editions. The ultimate guide to dental trauma, the manual preserves its uniquely usable and reader-friendly format, demonstrating step-by-step

Schuurs, Albert - Pathology of the Hard Dental Tissues, ebook

Pathology of the Hard Dental Tissues

Schuurs, Albert

From 145,65€

This is a seminal text uniquely dedicated to oral hard tissue pathology, presenting the growth of clinical knowledge and advancement in the field in recent years. Starting with a discussion of numerical and formative anomalies and unusual eruption, the book goes on to consider caries, erosion,

Blayden, Jessica - Soft-Tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene, ebook

Soft-Tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene

Blayden, Jessica


The uses and benefits of soft-tissue lasers in dental hygiene practice are myriad. Lasers are used for more effective debridement, scaling and planning, with less pain and bleeding. Hygienists can detect sub- and supra-gingival calculus, remove the bacteria

Demirci, Selami - Dental Stem Cells, ebook

Dental Stem Cells

Demirci, Selami


Dental and Craniofacial Tissue Stem Cells: Sources and Tissue Engineering Applications
Paul R. Cooper
2. Immunomodulatory Properties of Stem Cells Derived from Dental Tissues
Pakize Neslihan Taşlı, Safa Aydın, Fikrettin

Ansari, Ghassem - Atlas of Pediatric Oral and Dental Developmental Anomalies, ebook

Atlas of Pediatric Oral and Dental Developmental Anomalies

Ansari, Ghassem


A quick reference diagnostic guide for students and clinicians, covering a wide range of oral and dental developmental anomalies in children and adolescents
Written by world-renowned pediatric dentists, this easily accessible, well-illustrated reference covers a wide range of oral and

Lambert, Daniel W. - Basic Sciences for Dental Students, ebook

Basic Sciences for Dental Students

Lambert, Daniel W.


The ‘all-in-one’ solution to mastering basic sciences in preclinical dentistry
Basic Sciences for Dental Students is a cutting edge textbook specifically designed to support the needs of early years undergraduate dental students. Written by

Eliades, George - Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding, ebook

Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding

Eliades, George


Table of contents
Part I.Bonding to Enamel
1. Etched Enamel Structure and Topography: Interface with Materials
F.R. Tay, D.H. Pashley
2. Bonding of Resinous Materials on Primary Enamel
A. Kakaboura, L. Papagiannoulis
3. Bond Strength…

Bressan, Eriberto - Dental Stem Cells: Regenerative Potential, ebook

Dental Stem Cells: Regenerative Potential

Bressan, Eriberto


Protocols for Dental-Related Stem Cells Isolation, Amplification and Differentiation
Jakub Suchánek, Klára Zoe Browne, Tereza Suchánková Kleplová, Yvona Mazurová
3. Isolation and Cryopreservation of Stem Cells from Dental Tissues
O. G. Davies, B.