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Blayden, Jessica - Soft-Tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene, ebook

Soft-Tissue Lasers in Dental Hygiene

Blayden, Jessica


The uses and benefits of soft-tissue lasers in dental hygiene practice are myriad. Lasers are used for more effective debridement, scaling and planning, with less pain and bleeding. Hygienists can detect sub- and supra-gingival calculus, remove the bacteria

Reynolds, Tim - Basic Guide to Dental Radiography, ebook

Basic Guide to Dental Radiography

Reynolds, Tim


Basic Guide to Dental Radiography provides an essential introduction to radiography in the dental practice. Illustrated throughout, this guide outlines and explains each topic in a clear and accessible style.
Comprehensive coverage includes general

Chestnutt, Ivor G. - Dental Public Health at a Glance, ebook

Dental Public Health at a Glance

Chestnutt, Ivor G.


Dental Public Health at a Glance presents a richly-illustrated introduction to dental and oral health issues in communities and populations.
Each topic is presented in an easy-to-comprehend two-page spread with essential facts clearly summarized

Huber, Michaell A. - Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice, ebook

Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice

Huber, Michaell A.


Physical Evaluation in Dental Practice introduces the general concepts of physical evaluation, teaching essential skills and values in patient care and offering a quick reference to common problems of the head and neck. This practical clinical guide provides concise, illustrated synopses

Ali, Kamran - Essential Physiology for Dental Students, ebook

Essential Physiology for Dental Students

Ali, Kamran


Essential Physiology for Dental Students offers comprehensive information on human physiology, tailored to the needs of students of dentistry. This new addition to the Dentistry Essentials series helps students gain a deeper understanding of how physiological concepts apply to clinical