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Jung, Dietrich - Democratization and Development, ebook

Democratization and Development

Jung, Dietrich


Who’s Afraid of Transnationalism? Arabism, Islamism, and the Prospects of Democratization in the Arab East
Thomas Scheffler
4. Democratization and the New Arab Media
Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen
Part II. Case Studies
5. The Political Economy of Islam

Kaltsounis, Theodore - The Democratization of Albania, ebook

The Democratization of Albania

Kaltsounis, Theodore


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Theodore Kaltsounis
2. The Burden of the Past and Dreaming Democracy
Theodore Kaltsounis
3. Building Relationships and Exploring Curriculum
Theodore Kaltsounis
4. Selecting Leaders and Defining Basic Concepts
Theodore Kaltsounis
5. Teaching, Learning, and Teacher’s

Maasen, Sabine - Democratization of Expertise?, ebook

Democratization of Expertise?

Maasen, Sabine


Table of contents
1. What’s New in Scientific Advice to Politics?
Sabine Maasen, Peter Weingart
2. Bioethical Controversies and Policy Advice: The Production of Ethical Expertise and its Role in the Substantiation of Political Decision-Making

Bokhari, Kamran - Political Islam in the Age of Democratization, ebook

Political Islam in the Age of Democratization

Bokhari, Kamran


Theoretical Framework: Democratization and Islamism
Kamran Bokhari, Farid Senzai
4. Participatory Islamists: The Case of the Muslim Brotherhood
Kamran Bokhari, Farid Senzai
5. Conditionalist Islamists: The Case of the Salafis
Kamran Bokhari, Farid

Chambers, Paul W. - Democratization and Civilian Control in Asia, ebook

Democratization and Civilian Control in Asia

Chambers, Paul W.


Democratization and Civil-Military Relations in Asia
4. South Korea: Purges and Presidential Prerogatives
Aurel Croissant, David Kuehn, Philip Lorenz, Paul W. Chambers
5. Taiwan: From Martial Law to Civilian Control
Aurel Croissant, David Kuehn, Philip

Kim, Youngmi - Korea’s Quest for Economic Democratization, ebook

Korea’s Quest for Economic Democratization

Kim, Youngmi


Table of contents
1. Hell Joseon: Polarization and Social Contention in a Neo-liberal Age
Youngmi Kim
2. Globalization, Democracy and Social Polarization in South Korea
Hyug Baeg Im
3. Democracy Disenchanted and Autocracy Glamorized…

Stokke, Kristian - Democratization in the Global South, ebook

Democratization in the Global South

Stokke, Kristian


Table of contents
Part I. Transformative Politics in Historical and Comparative Perspective
1. Transformative Democratic Politics
Kristian Stokke, Olle Törnquist
2. The Relevance of the Scandinavian Experiences
Kristian Stokke, Olle…