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Braun, Jerome - Democratic Culture and Moral Character, ebook

Democratic Culture and Moral Character

Braun, Jerome


Introduction to Democratic Culture and Moral Character: A Study in Culture and Personality
Jerome Braun
Part I. Democracy and Character
2. Understanding Democracy as a Prerequisite for Spreading Democracy

Lacy, Tim - The Dream of a Democratic Culture, ebook

The Dream of a Democratic Culture

Lacy, Tim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tim Lacy
2. The Great Books Movement, 1920–1948
Tim Lacy
3. Branding the History of Ideas: Adler, Lovejoy, and Britannica’s Great Books, 1943–1952
Tim Lacy
4. Making “Seventy-Four Corpses … Pay Off”: The Context and Commerce of the Great Books, 1952–1968

McInnes, Will - Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business, ebook

Culture Shock: A Handbook For 21st Century Business

McInnes, Will


Inspiring and comprehensive, Culture Shock is aspirational future thinking with its feet firmly on the ground’
Jemima Kiss, Digital Media correspondent,The Guardian
Join the work-place revolution
There's a revolution afoot . . . don't be left behind.

Cullen, Jim - Democratic Empire: The United States Since 1945, ebook

Democratic Empire: The United States Since 1945

Cullen, Jim


history since the end of World War II, focusing on popular beliefs, fears, and hopes that have shaped American culture and history over the last eight decades.
Explores the ways in which the American people’s perceptions of power were as  significant as the

Kofmel, Erich - Anti-Democratic Thought, ebook

Anti-Democratic Thought

Kofmel, Erich


It has therefore become necessary to think about political alternatives once more and to study threats to democracy from within and without as well as common modes of failure of democracy across times and cultures. This book marks the start of a daring new debate and

Rodriguez, Ileana - Gender Violence in Failed and Democratic States, ebook

Gender Violence in Failed and Democratic States

Rodriguez, Ileana


Trash Literature: Reports of Incest in Democratic and Failed States, The Cases of Jaycee Lee Dugard and Mackenzie Phillips
Ileana Rodriguez
6. In the Living Flesh: Maternities and Masculinities
Ileana Rodriguez
7. Human Rights and Sexual Desires: Incest,

Jenkins, Henry - Participatory Culture: Interviews, ebook

Participatory Culture: Interviews

Jenkins, Henry


For the first time, Jenkins – often called “the Marshall McLuhan for the twenty-first century” – compiles some of these interviews to highlight his recurring interests in popular culture and social change.
Structured around three core concepts –