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Alhanen, Kai - Dialogue in Democracy, ebook

Dialogue in Democracy

Alhanen, Kai


Under pressure from global economic instability, ecological crises and growing authoritarianism, democracy is critically endangered. In order to secure the future of democracy, we need a new kind of civic activity with dialogue at its core. Dialogue

Beyme, Klaus von - From Post-democracy to Neo-Democracy, ebook

From Post-democracy to Neo-Democracy

Beyme, Klaus von


The Debate on Post-Democracy and the Traditions of Scenarios of Decline
Klaus von Beyme
2. Criticism of Politics in the Old Media and the ‘Citizenship in Rage’ (Wutbürgertum) in the New Media
Klaus von Beyme
3. New Forms of Participation and the

Ebeling, Martin - Conciliatory Democracy, ebook

Conciliatory Democracy

Ebeling, Martin


Deliberative Democracy and the Normative Authority of Citizens
Martin Ebeling
3. The Epistemic Authority of Citizens
Martin Ebeling
4. The Epistemology of Political Disagreement
Martin Ebeling
5. Conciliatory Democracy
Martin Ebeling

Innerarity, Daniel - Democracy in Europe, ebook

Democracy in Europe

Innerarity, Daniel


Whose Deficit? The European Democracy and Its Democracies
Daniel Innerarity
Part II. The Complexity of the European Democracy
4. What Should Be Democratized? The Peculiarity of Democracy in Europe
Daniel Innerarity
5. Who Are We? A Democracy Without

Sheth, D.L. - At Home with Democracy, ebook

At Home with Democracy

Sheth, D.L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Political Theory of Indian Democracy
Peter Ronald deSouza
Part I. State, Nation, Democracy
2. Historicizing India’s Nationhood: History as Contemporary Politics
D. L. Sheth
3. State-Nation Building:…

Linder, Wolf - Swiss Democracy, ebook

Swiss Democracy

Linder, Wolf


Consensus Democracy: The Swiss System of Power-Sharing
Wolf Linder
5. Comparative Perspectives
Wolf Linder

Gellar, Sheldon - Democracy in Senegal, ebook

Democracy in Senegal

Gellar, Sheldon


Table of contents
1. Tocquevillian Analytics in Africa
Sheldon Gellar
2. Point of Departure
Sheldon Gellar
3. The Old Order and Colonialism
Sheldon Gellar
4. Centralization and Democratic Despotism
Sheldon Gellar
5. Local Liberties
Sheldon Gellar
6. Political Associations, Parties,

Pabst, Adrian - The Demons of Liberal Democracy, ebook

The Demons of Liberal Democracy

Pabst, Adrian


Liberals blame the global retreat of liberal democracy on globalisation and authoritarian leaders. Only liberalism, so they assume, can defend democratic rule against multinationals or populists at home and abroad. In this provocative book, Adrian Pabst contends that liberal democracy