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Schudson, Michael - Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press, ebook

Why Democracies Need an Unlovable Press

Schudson, Michael


Should experts have a role in governing democracies? Is news melodramatic or is it ironic – or is it both at different times?
In the title essay, Schudson even suggests that journalism serves the interests of free expression and democracy best when it least lives

Voltmer, Katrin - The Media in Transitional Democracies, ebook

The Media in Transitional Democracies

Voltmer, Katrin


This book provides an accessible and systematic introduction to the media in transitional democracies. It analyses the problems that occur when transforming the media into independent institutions that are able to inform citizens and hold governments to account. The

Cohen, Samy - Democracies at War against Terrorism, ebook

Democracies at War against Terrorism

Cohen, Samy


The Struggle of Democracies against Terrorism
6. Democracy and Norms of War: Locating Moral Responsibility for Atrocity in Iraq
Neta C. Crawford
7. The British Way of Warfare and the Global War on Terror
Alastair Finlan
8. Between Humanitarian Logic

Bruter, Michael - The Future of our Democracies, ebook

The Future of our Democracies

Bruter, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Background
Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison
2. Model and Methods
Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison
3. Becoming a Young Party Member: Inheritance, Paths to Membership, and Political Socialisation
Michael Bruter, Sarah Harrison
4. 24 Hours in the Life of a Young Party

Collins, Harry - Why Democracies Need Science, ebook

Why Democracies Need Science

Collins, Harry


They argue that, rather than democracies needing to be protected from science, democratic societies need to learn how to value science in this new age of uncertainty. By emphasizing that science is a moral enterprise, guided by values that should matter to all, they

Downs, William M. - Political Extremism in Democracies, ebook

Political Extremism in Democracies

Downs, William M.


Table of contents
1. Pariahs in Their Midst: Organized Extremism and the Problem of Tolerance in Contemporary Democracies
William M. Downs
2. Ignore, Isolate, Co-Opt, Collaborate, or Ban? Mapping Strategic Responses to Pariah Parties

Moran, Jon - Crime and Corruption in New Democracies, ebook

Crime and Corruption in New Democracies

Moran, Jon


Violent Democracies: Cycles of Crime, Politics and Violence
Jon Moran
6. Legacies of Violence: Murder and Violent Crimes in El Salvador and Guatemala
Jon Moran
7. State Collapse, Democratisation and Informal Power in Iraq
Jon Moran
8. Conclusion

Peucker, Mario - Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies, ebook

Muslim Citizenship in Liberal Democracies

Peucker, Mario


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Mario Peucker
2. What Is Active Citizenship?
Mario Peucker
3. Methodology: Exploring Muslims’ Civic and Political Participation
Mario Peucker
4. Muslims in Australia and Germany: Demographics,…

Bonner, Michelle D. - Police Abuse in Contemporary Democracies, ebook

Police Abuse in Contemporary Democracies

Bonner, Michelle D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michelle D. Bonner, Michael Kempa, Mary Rose Kubal, Guillermina Seri
Part I. Citizenship
2. Police Abuse and the Racialized Boundaries of Citizenship in France
Cathy Lisa Schneider
3. Police as State:…