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Limnios, Nikolaos - Fault Trees, ebook

Fault Trees

Limnios, Nikolaos


Fault trees are used as a major tool in the study of system safety as well as in reliability and availability studies.
The basic methods – construction, logical analysis, probability evaluation and influence study – are described in this book. The following

Fladung, Matthias - Biosafety of Forest Transgenic Trees, ebook

Biosafety of Forest Transgenic Trees

Fladung, Matthias


Lessons from Two Decades of Field Trials with Genetically Modified Trees in the USA: Biology and Regulatory Compliance
Steven H. Strauss, Cathleen Ma, Kori Ault, Amy L. Klocko
Part II. Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring of GMTs
6. Specific Environmental

Cao, Bing-Yuan - Fuzzy Information and Engineering and Decision, ebook

Fuzzy Information and Engineering and Decision

Cao, Bing-Yuan


Hesitant Fuzzy Group Decision Making Under Incomplete Information
Jin-hui Lv, Si-zong Guo
11. Signed Total Domination and Mycielski Structure in Graphs
Arezoo. N. Ghameshlou, Athena Shaminezhad
12. An Arbitrated Quantum Signature Scheme Based on W States

Du, Ding-Zhu - Theory of Computational Complexity, ebook

Theory of Computational Complexity

Du, Ding-Zhu

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Maintaining extensive and detailed coverage, Theory of Computational Complexity, Second Edition examines the theory and methods behind complexity theory, such as computational models, decision tree complexity, circuit complexity, and probabilistic complexity. The Second