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Biech, Elaine - 101 More Ways to Make Training Active, ebook

101 More Ways to Make Training Active

Biech, Elaine


Liven up training with new, dynamic strategies for active participation
101 More Ways to Make Training Active brings together a rich, comprehensive collection of training strategies and activities into one easy

Blohm, Judith - The NASAGA Training Activity Book, ebook

The NASAGA Training Activity Book

Blohm, Judith


With contributions from experts in the field, this important volume includes fifty ready-to-use activities spanning a variety of training topics: communication, conflict management, creativity, team-building, decision-making, problem-solving, customer

Lyras, Dimitris - The Future of Decision Making, ebook

The Future of Decision Making

Lyras, Dimitris


Software Based on the Science of Decision Making: Tools Organizations Can Use
Roger C. Schank, Dimitris Lyras, Elliot Soloway
Section II. The Software Argument
5. Start with Activity Maps, Proverbs, and Goal Conflicts: Creating Software That Functions the

Bieder, Corinne - Beyond Safety Training, ebook

Beyond Safety Training

Bieder, Corinne


Can Safety Training Contribute to Enhancing Safety?
Corinne Bieder
13. Training Design Oriented by Works Analysis
Vincent Boccara
14. Safety and Behaviour Change
Paul M. Chadwick
15. Power and Love
Nicolas Herchin
16. Beyond Safety