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Parnell, Gregory S. - Handbook of Decision Analysis, ebook

Handbook of Decision Analysis

Parnell, Gregory S.


This handbook describes the philosophy, knowledge, science, and art of decision analysis. Key insights from decision analysis applications and behavioral decision analysis research are presented, and numerous

Schuff, David - Decision Support, ebook

Decision Support

Schuff, David


Reflections on the Past and Future of Decision Support Systems: Perspective of Eleven Pioneers
Daniel J. Power, Frada Burstein, Ramesh Sharda
3. The Intellectual Structure of Decision Support Systems Research (1991–2004)

Salo, Ahti - Portfolio Decision Analysis, ebook

Portfolio Decision Analysis

Salo, Ahti


Empirically Investigating the Portfolio Management Process: Findings from a Large Pharmaceutical Company
Jeffrey S. Stonebraker, Jeffrey Keisler
7. Behavioural Issues in Portfolio Decision Analysis
Barbara Fasolo, Alec Morton, Detlof Winterfeldt

Lyras, Dimitris - The Future of Decision Making, ebook

The Future of Decision Making

Lyras, Dimitris


Software Based on the Science of Decision Making: Tools Organizations Can Use
Roger C. Schank, Dimitris Lyras, Elliot Soloway
Section II. The Software Argument
5. Start with Activity Maps, Proverbs, and Goal Conflicts: Creating Software That Functions the