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Kolb, Robert W. - Sovereign Debt: From Safety to Default, ebook

Sovereign Debt: From Safety to Default

Kolb, Robert W.


Understanding this dilemma is now more important than ever, that's why Robert Kolb has compiled Sovereign Debt. With this book as your guide, you'll gain a better perspective on the essential issues surrounding sovereign debt and

Johnson, R. Stafford - Debt Markets and Analysis, ebook

Debt Markets and Analysis

Johnson, R. Stafford


An accessible guide to the essential elements of debt markets and their analysis
Debt Markets and Analysis provides professionals and finance students alike with an exposition on debt that will take them from the basic concepts, strategies, and fundamentals

Sobaca - You Can Be Debt Free, ebook

You Can Be Debt Free



Learn how to CONTROL YOUR DEBT and REBUILD YOUR FINANCES with this expertly written and timely eBook. Discover how the system preys on the unwary and vulnerable and learn how to recognise the warning signs and avoid the pit falls that lead to unnecessary debt.