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Elcock, Jonathan - Psychology in Social Context: Issues and Debates, ebook

Psychology in Social Context: Issues and Debates

Elcock, Jonathan


Psychology in Social Context: Issues and Debates provides a critical perspective on debates and controversies that have divided opinion within psychology both past and present.?Explores the history of psychology through examples of classic and contemporary

Evangelista, Matthew - Law, Ethics, and the War on Terror, ebook

Law, Ethics, and the War on Terror

Evangelista, Matthew


This book explores the key legal and ethical controversies that arose in the wake of the brutal attacks of 11 September 2001. After the Cold War, progress in human rights and limitations on warfare created an impression that "global civil society" had emerged to challenge

Pardun, Carol J. - Advertising and Society: An Introduction, ebook

Advertising and Society: An Introduction

Pardun, Carol J.


Now revised and updated to reflect the impact of emerging technologies, this new edition of Advertising and Society: Controversies and Consequences examines the evolution of advertising and its influence on society.
Expanded with five new chapters covering the impact of emerging technologies,

Duncan, James - A Companion to Cultural Geography, ebook

A Companion to Cultural Geography

Duncan, James


Provides accessible overviews of key themes, debates and controversies from a variety of historical and theoretical vantage points. Charts significant changes in cultural geography in the twentieth century as well as the principal approaches that currently animate

Bridge, Gary - A Companion to the City, ebook

A Companion to the City

Bridge, Gary


A Companion to the City provides the reader with an indispensable and authoritative overview of the key debates, controversies, and questions concerning the city from a variety of theoretical vantage points with an international perspective.

Caferro, William - Contesting the Renaissance, ebook

Contesting the Renaissance

Caferro, William


An influential investigation into the nature of the European Renaissance
Summarizes scholarly debates about the nature of the Renaissance
Engages with specific controversies concerning gender identity, economics, the emergence

Singer, Merrill - A Companion to Medical Anthropology, ebook

A Companion to Medical Anthropology

Singer, Merrill


A Companion to Medical Anthropology examines the current issues, controversies, and state of the field in medical anthropology today.Examines the key issues and current debates in medical anthropologyProvides an expert view of the major topics and