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Cohen, Andrew I. - Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics

Cohen, Andrew I.


Now in an updated edition with fresh perspectives on high-profile ethical issues such as torture and same-sex marriage, this collection pairs cogently argued essays by leading philosophers with opposing views on fault-line public concerns.

Caplan, Arthur L. - Contemporary Debates in Bioethics, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Bioethics

Caplan, Arthur L.


Contemporary Debates in Bioethics features a timely collection of highly readable, debate-style arguments contributed by many of today’s top bioethics scholars, focusing on core bioethical concerns of the twenty-first century.
Written in an engaging, debate-style format for accessibility

Steup, Matthias - Contemporary Debates in Epistemology, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Epistemology

Steup, Matthias


Fully updated with new topics covering the latest developments and debates, the second edition of this highly influential text retains its unique combination of accessibility and originality.Second edition of a highly influential text that has already become a standard in the field, for

Sider, Theodore - Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Metaphysics

Sider, Theodore


In a series of thought-provoking and original essays, eighteen leading philosophers engage in head-to-head debates of nine of the most cutting edge topics in contemporary metaphysics.
Explores the fundamental questions in contemporary metaphysics in a series of eighteen original essays

Nehring, Holger - Global Debates about Taxation, ebook

Global Debates about Taxation

Nehring, Holger


Introduction: Global Debates about Taxation: Transfers of Ideas, the Challenge of Political Legitimacy and the Paradoxes of State-Building
Holger Nehring, Florian Schui
Part I. Challenges of War and Occupation
2. Regional Exchanges and Patterns of Taxation

Sharpe, Matthew - Secularisations and Their Debates, ebook

Secularisations and Their Debates

Sharpe, Matthew


Table of contents
Part I. Secularizations
1. Introduction: Secularization and Its Discontents
Matthew Sharpe, Dylan Nickelson
2. Disenchantments of Secularism: The West and India
Purushottama Bilimoria
3. Locke, Secularism and the…

Aspler, John - Debates About Neuroethics, ebook

Debates About Neuroethics

Aspler, John


Table of contents
Part I. Development and History of Neuroethics
1. Section Introduction: Development and History of Neuroethics
Eric Racine, John Aspler
2. Nudging Toward Neuroethics: Prehistory and Foundations
Albert R. Jonsen

Schui, Florian - Early Debates about Industry, ebook

Early Debates about Industry

Schui, Florian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Florian Schui
2. Industry in Voltaire’s Time
Florian Schui
3. Voltaire, Prussia and Industry
Florian Schui
4. A European Debate about Colbert
Florian Schui
5. How Much Industry Does…

Christiano, Thomas - Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy

Christiano, Thomas


This collection of 24 essays, written by eminent philosophers and political theorists, brings together fresh debates on some of the most fundamental questions in contemporary political philosophy, including human rights, equality, constitutionalism, the value of democracy, identity and political