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Gerken, Wolfgang - Data-Warehouse-Systeme für Dummies, ebook

Data-Warehouse-Systeme für Dummies

Gerken, Wolfgang


Jede Business-Intelligence-Anwendung beruht letzten Endes auf einem Data Warehouse. Data Warehousing ist deshalb ein sehr wichtiges Gebiet der Angewandten Informatik, insbesondere im Zeitalter von Big Data. Das vorliegende

Inmon, W. H. - Building the Data Warehouse, ebook

Building the Data Warehouse

Inmon, W. H.


The new edition of the classic bestseller that launched the data warehousing industry covers new approaches and technologies, many of which have been pioneered by Inmon himself In addition to explaining the fundamentals

Govaert, Gérard - Data Analysis, ebook

Data Analysis

Govaert, Gérard

From 165,55€

The first part of this book is devoted to methods seeking relevant dimensions of data. The variables thus obtained provide a synthetic description which often results in a graphical representation of the data. After a general presentation of the discriminating