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Reeves, Laura - A Manager's Guide to Data Warehousing, ebook

A Manager's Guide to Data Warehousing

Reeves, Laura


Aimed at helping business and IT managers clearly communicate with each other, this helpful book addresses concerns straight-on and provides practical methods to building a collaborative data warehouse . You’ll get clear explanations of the goals and objectives of each stage of the

Kimball, Ralph - The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit, ebook

The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit

Kimball, Ralph


A thorough update to the industry standard for designing, developing, and deploying data warehouse and business intelligence systems
The world of data warehousing has changed remarkably since the first edition

Inmon, W. H. - Building the Data Warehouse, ebook

Building the Data Warehouse

Inmon, W. H.


The new edition of the classic bestseller that launched the data warehousing industry covers new approaches and technologies, many of which have been pioneered by Inmon himself In addition to explaining the fundamentals of data