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Scriba, Albrecht - Storage Management in Data Centers, ebook

Storage Management in Data Centers

Scriba, Albrecht


Table of contents
2. Encapsulation and Root Mirroring
Albrecht Scriba
3. Troubleshooting
Albrecht Scriba
4. File Systems
Volker Herminghaus
5. Tuning Storage Foundation
Volker Herminghaus
6. Miscellaneous
Volker Herminghaus
7. Storage Foundation Software stack
Volker Herminghaus

Meinders, Erwin R. - Optical Data Storage, ebook

Optical Data Storage

Meinders, Erwin R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Theoretical aspects of phase-change alloys
3. Thermal modelling of phase-change recording
4. Data recording characteristics
5. Recording media

Johnson, Bruce - Windows Azure Data Storage, ebook

Windows Azure Data Storage

Johnson, Bruce


Make tools for storage accessible from Azure apps and any Internet connected app
In Windows Azure Data Storage, Simon Hart of Microsoft’s Windows Azure Center of Excellence Team gives you all the tools you

Yang, Kan - Security for Cloud Storage Systems, ebook

Security for Cloud Storage Systems

Yang, Kan


TSAS: Third-Party Storage Auditing Service
Kan Yang, Xiaohua Jia
3. ABAC: Attribute-Based Access Control
Kan Yang, Xiaohua Jia
4. DAC-MACS: Effective Data Access Control for Multi-Authority Cloud Storage Systems

Vermeulen, Andreas François - Practical Data Science, ebook

Practical Data Science

Vermeulen, Andreas François


Table of contents
1. Data Science Technology Stack
Andreas François Vermeulen
2. Vermeulen-Krennwallner-Hillman-Clark
Andreas François Vermeulen
3. Layered Framework
Andreas François Vermeulen
4. Business Layer
Andreas François Vermeulen
5. Utility Layer
Andreas François Vermeulen