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Allenby, Greg M. - Bayesian Statistics and Marketing, ebook

Bayesian Statistics and Marketing

Allenby, Greg M.


The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the use of Bayesian methods in marketing due, in part, to computational and modelling breakthroughs, making its implementation ideal for many marketing problems. Bayesian analyses can now be conducted over

Miller, Scott Anderson - Inbound Marketing For Dummies, ebook

Inbound Marketing For Dummies

Miller, Scott Anderson


In today's competitive world, nobody has time for that! Inbound Marketing For Dummies is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about inbound marketing techniques that attract the attention of your target audience. Whether

Ledolter, Johannes - Data Mining and Business Analytics with R, ebook

Data Mining and Business Analytics with R

Ledolter, Johannes


Collecting, analyzing, and extracting valuable information from a large amount of data requires easily accessible robust computational and analytical tools. Data Mining and Business Analytics with R utilizes the open source software R for the analysis,