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Dark, Graham G. - Oncology at a Glance, ebook

Oncology at a Glance

Dark, Graham G.


This brand new title in the market-leading at a Glance series brings together fundamental information on cancer biology and treatment to provide a holistic understanding of oncology. It explores both relevant scientific content and key human issues, including…

Sweeney, Caroline - Dark Hope, ebook

Dark Hope

Sweeney, Caroline


Dark Hope is an easy-to-read poetry book about relationships, the darker side of which can be very seductive and/or powerful to experience. The poems have been inspired by my own relationships with the world, with the people around me and with myself.

Vaananen, Jay - Dark Pools and High Frequency Trading For Dummies, ebook

Dark Pools and High Frequency Trading For Dummies

Vaananen, Jay


A plain English guide to high frequency trading and off-exchange trading practices
In Dark Pools & High Frequency Trading For Dummies, senior private banker Jukka Vaananen has created an indispensable and friendly guide to what really goes on inside dark pools, what rewards you can reap

Furtner, Marco - Dark Leadership, ebook

Dark Leadership

Furtner, Marco


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Marco Furtner
2. Die dunkle Triade: Basis für Dark Leadership
Marco Furtner
3. Dark Leadership
Marco Furtner
4. Dark Leadership: Der dunkle Kern
Marco Furtner

Fuse, Naoyuki - Evolution in the Dark, ebook

Evolution in the Dark

Fuse, Naoyuki


Table of contents
1. History of the “Dark-fly” Project
Naoyuki Fuse, Tasuku Kitamura, Takashi Haramura, Kentaro Arikawa, Michio Imafuku
2. Circadian Rhythm of Dark-fly
Naoyuki Fuse, Tasuku Kitamura, Takashi Haramura, Kentaro Arikawa, Michio Imafuku
3. Compound Eyes of Dark-fly
Naoyuki Fuse, Tasuku

Chen, Hsinchun - Dark Web, ebook

Dark Web

Chen, Hsinchun


Table of contents
1. Dark Web Research Overview
Hsinchun Chen
2. Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI): Research Framework
Hsinchun Chen
3. Terrorism Informatics
Hsinchun Chen
4. Forum Spidering
Hsinchun Chen
5. Link and Content Analysis
Hsinchun Chen
6. Dark Network Analysis

Strecker, Ulrike - Evolution in the Dark, ebook

Evolution in the Dark

Strecker, Ulrike


Table of contents
1. Evolution in the Dark: Introduction
Horst Wilkens, Ulrike Strecker
2. The Role of Rudimentation in Evolution
Horst Wilkens, Ulrike Strecker
3. Diversity and the Phylogenetic Age of Cave Species
Horst Wilkens, Ulrike Strecker
4. Surface and Cave Populations of Mexican Astyanax

Wang, Yun - Dark Energy, ebook

Dark Energy

Wang, Yun


A systematic, carefully authored review of our current observational and theoretical knowledge of dark energy. Providing a brief and concise overview, the book covers theory and experiment in equal detail, directly linking the two. A final section also looks at future developments.

Roudinesco, Elisabeth - Our Dark Side: A History of Perversion, ebook

Our Dark Side: A History of Perversion

Roudinesco, Elisabeth

From 26,75€

Whether they are sublime because they turn to art or mysticism, or abject because they surrender to their murderous impulses, the perverse are part of us because they exhibit something that we always conceal: our own negativity and our dark side.

Planet, Lonely - Dark Skies, ebook

Dark Skies

Planet, Lonely


Lonely Planet's Dark Skies, the first world's guide to astrotourism, can help you experience all of this and more first-hand.
Meticulously researched by dark sky expert Valerie Stimac, this comprehensive companion includes