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Jensen, Keld - The Trust Factor, ebook

The Trust Factor

Jensen, Keld


The 3-Legged Stool: Trust, Behavioral Economics, and Negotiation Competency
1. A New Paradigm for Commercial Relationships
Keld Jensen
2. Behavioral Economics in Deal-making
Keld Jensen
3. The Trust Factor: The

Fisk, Peter - Customer Genius, ebook

Customer Genius

Fisk, Peter


The old ways of attracting, serving and retaining customers no longer work. Google has become the starting point for most customer interactions today. Technology enables customers to have the upper hand in a negotiation.

Padua, Donatella - Trust, Social Relations and Engagement, ebook

Trust, Social Relations and Engagement

Padua, Donatella


Table of contents
Part I. The Internet Age
1. Society in the Internet Age
Donatella Padua
2. Social Networks and Communities
Donatella Padua
3. New Models of Social Intelligence
Donatella Padua
4. The Internet Organizational Realm
Donatella Padua
Part II. Trust and Engagement
5. The Digital