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Roberts-Phelps, Graham - Customer Relationship Management, ebook

Customer Relationship Management

Roberts-Phelps, Graham


Every customer is an individual with a choice. The role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to ensure that each first-time buyer becomes an ongoing client, and every client a self-perpetuating advocate of

Alt, Rainer - Social Customer Relationship Management, ebook

Social Customer Relationship Management

Alt, Rainer


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Rainer Alt, Olaf Reinhold
2. Social CRM-Anwendungsbeispiele
Rainer Alt, Olaf Reinhold
3. Social CRM-Anwendungssysteme
Rainer Alt, Olaf Reinhold
4. Social CRM-Gestaltungsbereiche
Rainer Alt,…

Cavallone, Mauro - Marketing and Customer Loyalty, ebook

Marketing and Customer Loyalty

Cavallone, Mauro


Table of contents
1. A Brief History of Marketing—65-Years of Journey from 1948 to 2013
Mauro Cavallone
2. Strategic Action: Four Elements for Increasing the Effectiveness of Marketing Actions
Mauro Cavallone
3. TES Marketing

Cartwright, Roger - Customer Relationships, ebook

Customer Relationships

Cartwright, Roger


This module gives essential insight into all the key sales drivers such as account management, handling complex sales, selling services, FMCG selling, customer relationships and self-development for sales people.

Helmke, Stefan - Effektives Customer Relationship Management, ebook

Effektives Customer Relationship Management

Helmke, Stefan


Szenarien, Wargaming und Simulationen als zukunfts- und entscheidungsorientierte Instrumente im Customer-Relationship-Management
Mario Stoffels
21. CRM in der Praxis – die Auswahl des passenden CRM ist gar nicht so einfach