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Dibeehi, Qaalfa - Customer Experience, ebook

Customer Experience

Dibeehi, Qaalfa


Table of contents
1. Reflections of the authors, Colin, Qaalfa and Steven …
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden
2. Experience psychology: the new field and the end of the marketing Four Ps
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden

Harmeling, Colleen M. - Customer Engagement Marketing, ebook

Customer Engagement Marketing

Harmeling, Colleen M.


Measuring and Managing Customer Engagement Value Through the Customer Journey
Rajkumar Venkatesan, J. Andrew Petersen, Leandro Guissoni
4. Customer Engagement Through Personalization and Customization
Alexander Bleier, Arne Keyser, Katrien Verleye

Abbott, Martin - The Power of Customer Misbehavior, ebook

The Power of Customer Misbehavior

Abbott, Martin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Fisher, Martin Abbott, Kalle Lyytinen
2. Why is Viral Growth Important?
Michael Fisher, Martin Abbott, Kalle Lyytinen
3. Technological Factors
Michael Fisher, Martin Abbott, Kalle Lyytinen

Dunkel, Wolfgang - Customers at Work, ebook

Customers at Work

Dunkel, Wolfgang


Customers and Service Workers at Work
4. Interactive Work: A Theoretical and Empirical Approach to the Study of Service Interactions
Wolfgang Dunkel, Margit Weihrich
5. Management by Customers and Customer

Padua, Donatella - Trust, Social Relations and Engagement, ebook

Trust, Social Relations and Engagement

Padua, Donatella


Table of contents
Part I. The Internet Age
1. Society in the Internet Age
Donatella Padua
2. Social Networks and Communities
Donatella Padua
3. New Models of Social Intelligence
Donatella Padua
4. The Internet Organizational…