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Faulkner, Mike - Customer Management Excellence, ebook

Customer Management Excellence

Faulkner, Mike


Three years ago Quest Media introduced the National Customer Service Awards. The philosophy was to research, recognise and reward organisations that were pushing the barriers of customer management to new limits. Written

Jacka, J. Mike - Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction, ebook

Business Process Mapping: Improving Customer Satisfaction

Jacka, J. Mike


Now fully revised and updated–a powerful, customer-focused tool for business improvement
Now in a Second Edition, Business Process Mapping is a powerful tool that offers a solid understanding of any given process, as well as the methods for that process to be more effective, and

Bergh, Joachim Van den - Transforming Through Processes, ebook

Transforming Through Processes

Bergh, Joachim Van den


Using New Digital Technologies to Innovate Business Processes and Create Customer Value: An Interview with Prof. Stijn Viaene
Joachim Van den Bergh, Sara Thijs, Stijn Viaene
2. A Government Institution’s BPM Tale: An Interview with Bert Schelfaut of VDAB