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Roberts-Phelps, Graham - Customer Relationship Management, ebook

Customer Relationship Management

Roberts-Phelps, Graham


Every customer is an individual with a choice. The role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to ensure that each first-time buyer becomes an ongoing client, and every client a self-perpetuating advocate of

Pinto, Jeffrey K. - Building Customer-Based Project Organizations, ebook

Building Customer-Based Project Organizations

Pinto, Jeffrey K.


How to Ensure That the Customer Is Truly Your Number One Priority
How do winning organizations such as General Electric, Ericsson, and Nokia use project management to reduce time to market, trim inventory and supplier costs, and minimize obsolescence in their product lines? Why

Simon, Hermann - Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century, ebook

Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century

Simon, Hermann


Table of contents
2. The Mystique of the Hidden Champions
Hermann Simon
3. Growth and Market Leadership
Hermann Simon
4. Market and Focus
Hermann Simon
5. Globalization
Hermann Simon
6. Customers, Products, Services
Hermann Simon
7. Innovation
Hermann Simon
8. Competition