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Dibeehi, Qaalfa - Customer Experience, ebook

Customer Experience

Dibeehi, Qaalfa


The brain’s experience — opening the black box
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden
9. A neuroexperience safari — approaching the tipping point
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden
10. The Black Box in Action
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa

Klaus, Philipp - Measuring Customer Experience, ebook

Measuring Customer Experience

Klaus, Philipp


CX Strategies and Management Practices
Philipp Klaus
3. The 5 Dimensions of CX Management
Philipp Klaus
4. The 3 Types of CX Management Practice
Philipp Klaus
5. Linking CX Practices to Profitability
Philipp Klaus
6. Your CX Management

Walden, Steven - Customer Experience Management Rebooted, ebook

Customer Experience Management Rebooted

Walden, Steven


Customer Experience Research
8. Traditional Surveys Are Efficiency Surveys
Steven Walden
9. Best Practice CX Research Methods
Steven Walden
Part IV. Emotions and the Customer Experience
10. The Value of Emotions

Shaw, Colin - Revolutionize Your Customer Experience, ebook

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience

Shaw, Colin


Table of contents
1. Are you missing the gorge?
Colin Shaw
2. Please hold, your call is important to us
Colin Shaw
3. The guiding principles
Colin Shaw
4. The enablers
Colin Shaw
5. Sensory experiences
Colin Shaw