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Barnes, Roy - Customer Experience For Dummies, ebook

Customer Experience For Dummies

Barnes, Roy


Gain, engage, and retain customers with positive experiences
A positive customer experience is absolutely essential to keeping your business relevant. Today's business owners need to know how to connect and engage

Dibeehi, Qaalfa - Customer Experience, ebook

Customer Experience

Dibeehi, Qaalfa


The brain’s experience — opening the black box
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden
9. A neuroexperience safari — approaching the tipping point
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa Dibeehi, Steven Walden
10. The Black Box in Action
Colin Shaw, Qaalfa

Bruhn, Manfred - Customer Experience, ebook

Customer Experience

Bruhn, Manfred


Der informatisierte Kunde – Handlungsempfehlungen für das Customer Experience Management
Martin Reckenfelderbäumer, Christian Arnold
5. Kundenserviceintegration als Erfolgsbaustein eines Customer

Klaus, Philipp - Measuring Customer Experience, ebook

Measuring Customer Experience

Klaus, Philipp


Table of contents
1. Customer Experience: The Origins and Importance for Your Business
Philipp Klaus
2. CX Strategies and Management Practices
Philipp Klaus
3. The 5 Dimensions of CX Management
Philipp Klaus
4. The 3 Types of CX Management Practice
Philipp Klaus
5. Linking CX Practices to Profitability