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Herndl, Karl - Sales Coaching by Benedict, ebook

Sales Coaching by Benedict

Herndl, Karl


Table of contents
1. Die Ausgangssituation
Karl Herndl
2. Auf meinem Pilgerweg
Karl Herndl
3. Benedikt von Nursia
Karl Herndl
4. Die Benediktiner
Karl Herndl
5. Die Benediktsregel
Karl Herndl
6. Die Sales-Ordnung

Campiolo, Márcia R. F. - Medical Office Management, ebook

Medical Office Management

Campiolo, Márcia R. F.


Ensuring Customer Loyalty: The Challenge of a Long-Lasting and Stable Relationship
Márcia R. F. Campiolo
5. Selecting New Members for the Clinic’s Staff: The Search for New Talents
Márcia R. F. Campiolo
6. The Preparation of the Clinic’s Staff