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Islam, Jaan S. - Reconstituting the Curriculum, ebook

Reconstituting the Curriculum

Islam, Jaan S.

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This inspiring work presents a truly knowledge-based approach to education as an alternative to the current curriculum that is based on consolidating pre-conceived ideas. It demonstrates the advantages of the new curriculum, both in terms of acquiring

Gustafson, Ruth Iana - Race and Curriculum, ebook

Race and Curriculum

Gustafson, Ruth Iana


Table of contents
1. Fabricating the Future Citizen
Ruth Iana Gustafson
2. The Child as Charmed Victim
Ruth Iana Gustafson
3. Making Daily Life Sublime
Ruth Iana Gustafson
4. Bacchanalian Chaos, Degenerate Hymns, Public Music…

Burns, James P. - Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment, ebook

Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment

Burns, James P.


Power, Curriculum, and Embodiment
James P. Burns
2. Governmentality, Biopolitics, and Curriculum Theorizing
James P. Burns
3. The Past in the Present: The Historic Reach of the “Tyler Rationale”
James P. Burns
4. Reflections on Heteropatriarchal

Li, Yeping - Mathematics Curriculum in School Education, ebook

Mathematics Curriculum in School Education

Li, Yeping


Mathematics Curriculum in School Education: Advancing Research and Practice from an International Perspective
Yeping Li, Glenda Lappan
2. Curriculum Design and Systemic Change
Hugh Burkhardt
3. Mathematics Curriculum

Deng, Zongyi - Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum, ebook

Globalization and the Singapore Curriculum

Deng, Zongyi


Globalization, Curriculum Reform, Vision and Discourses
2. Globalization, the State and Curriculum Reform
S. Gopinathan, Abu Bakar Mardiana
3. Aims of Schooling for the Twenty-First Century: The Desired Outcomes of Education
Jason Tan
4. A Vision

Pinar, William F. - The Character of Curriculum Studies, ebook

The Character of Curriculum Studies

Pinar, William F.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
William F. Pinar
Part I. The Subject of Politics and Culture
2. The Unaddressed “I” of Ideology Critique
William F. Pinar
3. Decolonization and Subjective Reconstruction
William F. Pinar