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Bertolini, Joseph - Production of Plasma Proteins for Therapeutic Use, ebook

Production of Plasma Proteins for Therapeutic Use

Bertolini, Joseph

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Sets forth the state of the science and technology in plasma protein production
With contributions from an international team of eighty leading experts and pioneers in the field, Production of Plasma Proteins for Therapeutic Use presents a comprehensive…




An entertaining and fascinating take on the roaring game, Curling, Etcetera is a collection of fun facts, trivia, profiles of personalities in the game, quirky quotes, and other miscellany.
Curling trading cards? Got 'em, need 'em...
What curler has the Olympic rings tattooed

Blum, Aivo - URHEILU - Talviurheilu, ebook

URHEILU - Talviurheilu

Blum, Aivo


Urheilukirjasarjassa esitellään urheilulajien tunnetuimpia edustajia, sääntöjä ja mielenkiintoisimpia käänteitä. Aidot valokuvat kertovat lajien erityispiirteistä sekä harrastus- ja kisapaikoista. Tiesitkötekstilaatikoissa on kiinnostavia…

Howard, Russ - Hurry Hard: The Russ Howard Story, ebook

Hurry Hard: The Russ Howard Story

Howard, Russ


He loved practicing, where other youngsters loathed it, and for hour after lonely hour he honed his skills by throwing rock after rock on the rink at the Midland Curling Club. A natural skip from a young age, Howard was always drawn in by the strategy of the game.

Hammer, Øyvind - The Perfect Shape, ebook

The Perfect Shape

Hammer, Øyvind


Table of contents
1. Spirals of the Abyss
Øyvind Hammer
2. The Spiral Zoo
Øyvind Hammer
3. A Bearded Man in a Bathtub
Øyvind Hammer
4. The Icon
Øyvind Hammer
5. The Golden Spiral Silliness
Øyvind Hammer
6. Spiral Energy
Øyvind Hammer
7. Curling Up
Øyvind Hammer

McComb, Gordon - Electronics For Dummies, ebook

Electronics For Dummies

McComb, Gordon

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Electronics For Dummies, UK Edition includes:
Part I: Understanding The Fundamentals of Electronics Chapter 1: What is Electronics and What Can It Do For You? Chapter 2: Moving Electrons to Make Something Happen Chapter 3: Meeting Up with Resistance Chapter 4: Getting a Charge Out of Capacitors