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Reagin, Nancy - Star Wars and History, ebook

Star Wars and History

Reagin, Nancy


From Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire to the French Revolution and the Vietnam War, Star Wars and History explores the major historical turning points, heroes, and villains in human history and their impact on the creation of the Star Wars

Gehrmann, Richard - Memory and the Wars on Terror, ebook

Memory and the Wars on Terror

Gehrmann, Richard


False Memories and Professional Culture: The Australian Defence Force, the Government and the Media at War in Afghanistan
Kevin Foster
3. The Limitations of Memory and the Language of the War on Terror in Australia, 2001–2003
Amanda Laugesen
4. Enemies

Holmqvist, Caroline - Policing Wars, ebook

Policing Wars

Holmqvist, Caroline


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Caroline Holmqvist
2. Narratives of Disorder
Caroline Holmqvist
3. Perpetual Policing Wars
Caroline Holmqvist
4. Policing the Globe
Caroline Holmqvist
5. Power in Policing Wars

Hartley, Janet M. - Russia and the Napoleonic Wars, ebook

Russia and the Napoleonic Wars

Hartley, Janet M.


Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars in the Ruling Elite of the Russian Empire
Grigorii Bibikov
17. The 1812 War and the Civilizing Process in Russia
Alexander M. Martin
18. The Patriotic War of 1812 in the Commemorative Practices and Historical Memory of

Ghaziani, Amin - Sex Cultures, ebook

Sex Cultures

Ghaziani, Amin


Rather than focusing on sex acts, which make us feel flustered and blind us to a bigger picture, Ghaziani crafts a conversation about sex cultures that zooms in on the diverse contexts that give meaning to our sexual pursuits and practices. Unlike sex, which is a biological

Burns, Gary - A Companion to Popular Culture, ebook

A Companion to Popular Culture

Burns, Gary


A Companion to Popular Culture is a landmark survey of contemporary research in popular culture studies that offers a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the field.
Includes over two dozen essays covering the spectrum of popular culture