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Nagaoka, Masanori - Cultural Landscape Management at Borobudur, Indonesia, ebook

Cultural Landscape Management at Borobudur, Indonesia

Nagaoka, Masanori


Table of contents
1. Historical Setting of Borobudur
Masanori Nagaoka
2. Concept of Landscape Management at Borobudur in the 1970s
Masanori Nagaoka
3. Buffering Borobudur for Socioeconomic Development in the 1980s: An Approach Distinct from European Value-Based Heritage Management
Masanori Nagaoka

Panebianco, Fabrizio - Understanding Cultural Traits, ebook

Understanding Cultural Traits

Panebianco, Fabrizio


Understanding Cultural Diversity. Culture, Cultural Traits and Cultural Changes Between Global and Local Scales
Vincenzo Matera
3. Cultural Traits and Identity
Ugo E. M. Fabietti
4. The Diffusion of a Museum Exhibit:

Rodrigues, Suzana B. - Corporate Co-Evolution: A Politiical Perspective, ebook

Corporate Co-Evolution: A Politiical Perspective

Rodrigues, Suzana B.


Corporate Co-Evolution is a work of major scholarship that develops broad macro-economic principles of corporate strategy by examining and analyzing the history and growth of Telemig, a major Brazilian telecommunications company.
Analyzes the different domains of the corporate environment

Rotherham, Ian D. - Cultural Severance and the Environment, ebook

Cultural Severance and the Environment

Rotherham, Ian D.


Setting the Scene on Cultural Severance and its Implications
1. Cultural Landscapes and Problems Associated with the Loss of Tradition and Custom: An Introduction and Overview
Ian D. Rotherham
2. Cultural Severance and the End of Tradition
Ian D. Rotherham

Johnson, Matthew - Archaeological Theory: An Introduction, ebook

Archaeological Theory: An Introduction

Johnson, Matthew


New edition of a popular introductory text that explores the increasing diversity of approaches to archaeological theory Features more extended coverage of 'traditional' or culture-historical archaeology  Examines theory across the English-speaking world

Grauer, Anne L. - A Companion to Paleopathology, ebook

A Companion to Paleopathology

Grauer, Anne L.


Presents a broad overview of the field of paleopathology, integrating theoretical and methodological approaches to understand biological and disease processes throughout human historyDemonstrates how paleopathology sheds light on the past through the analysis of human and non-human skeletal materials,

Agutter, Paul - History of Anatomy: An International Perspective, ebook

History of Anatomy: An International Perspective

Agutter, Paul


History of Anatomy: An International Perspective explores the global and ancient origins of our modern-day understanding of anatomy, presenting detailed biographies of anatomists from varied cultural and historical settings. Chapters