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Pless, Vera - Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes, ebook

Introduction to the Theory of Error-Correcting Codes

Pless, Vera


A complete introduction to the many mathematical tools used to solve practical problems in coding.
Mathematicians have been fascinated with the theory of error-correcting codes since the publication of Shannon's classic papers fifty years ago. With…

Yan, Song Y. - Computational Number Theory and Modern Cryptography, ebook

Computational Number Theory and Modern Cryptography

Yan, Song Y.


The only book to provide a unified view of the interplay between computational number theory and cryptography
Computational number theory and modern cryptography are two of the most important and fundamental research fields in information security. In this book, Song Y. Yang combines

Batten, Lynn Margaret - Public Key Cryptography: Applications and Attacks, ebook

Public Key Cryptography: Applications and Attacks

Batten, Lynn Margaret


This book covers public-key cryptography, describing in depth all major public-key cryptosystems in current use, including ElGamal, RSA, Elliptic Curve, and digital signature schemes. It explains the underlying mathematics needed to build these schemes, and examines the most common techniques

Young, Adam - Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology, ebook

Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology

Young, Adam


Hackers have uncovered the dark side of cryptography—that device developed to defeat Trojan horses, viruses, password theft, and other cyber-crime. It’s called cryptovirology, the art of turning the very methods designed to protect your data into a means of subverting it. In

Davies, Joshua - Implementing SSL / TLS Using Cryptography and PKI, ebook

Implementing SSL / TLS Using Cryptography and PKI

Davies, Joshua


  Focused on how to implement Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), this book guides you through all necessary steps, whether or not you have a working knowledge of cryptography. The book covers SSLv2, TLS 1.0, and TLS 1.2, including implementations

Applebaum, Benny - Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time, ebook

Cryptography in Constant Parallel Time

Applebaum, Benny


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Benny Applebaum
2. Preliminaries and Definitions
Benny Applebaum
3. Randomized Encoding of Functions
Benny Applebaum
4. Cryptography in NC 0
Benny Applebaum
5. Computationally Private Randomizing Polynomials and Their Applications

Hook, David - Beginning Cryptography with Java, ebook

Beginning Cryptography with Java

Hook, David


Beginning Cryptography with Java
While cryptography can still be a controversial topic in the programming community, Java has weathered that storm and provides a rich set of APIs that allow you, the developer, to effectively include cryptography

Konheim, Alan G. - Computer Security and Cryptography, ebook

Computer Security and Cryptography

Konheim, Alan G.


Thorough in its coverage, the book starts with a discussion of the history of cryptography, including a description of the basic encryption systems and many of the cipher systems used in the twentieth century. The author then discusses the theory of symmetric- and