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Kaur, N. - Neural Stem Cell Assays, ebook

Neural Stem Cell Assays

Kaur, N.


Including an overview of progress made in the field over the past decade, Neural Stem Cell Assays provides a detailed and comprehensive review of the basic methods for neural stem

Kusano, Mitsuo - New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine, ebook

New Frontiers in Regenerative Medicine

Kusano, Mitsuo


Cryopreservation of hepatocytes -Is it effective to cryopreserved hepatocytes using a new cryopreservation procedure combining a bioartificial approach? -
T Aoki, D Yasuda, Y Enami, K Tomotake, Y Izumida, T Kusano, K Hayashi, T Odaira, K Yamada, N Murai, T Niiya,