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Gonçalves, Ricardo J. - Enterprise Interoperability II, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability II

Gonçalves, Ricardo J.


The EIC - A consensus-centric approach for cross-organizational e-Business standards diffusion
T. Samsonowa, C. Schroth
14. Improving Interoperability in Collaborative Modelling
S. Roser, B. Bauer
15. Designing a Service Oriented Domain Architecture

Howlett, Robert James - Innovation through Knowledge Transfer, ebook

Innovation through Knowledge Transfer

Howlett, Robert James


Table of contents
1. Knowledge Transfer between UK Universities and Business
Robert James Howlett
2. Innovation and Knowledge Transfer the Role of the Individual
Brian Fender
3. UK Higher Education Perspectives of Knowledge Transfer
Deborah Lock
4. Using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis to Aid the