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Walker, Joe Simpson - Lovedrool, ebook


Walker, Joe Simpson


She is rescued by Louise Lovedrool, who reluctantly takes her home where she is introduced to the odd ‘family’, who delight in strange behaviour including cross-dressing, bondage, voyeurism and all manner of strange sexual

Spenlow, Stuart - Miss Primrose, ebook

Miss Primrose

Spenlow, Stuart


Sir Richard has been killed in a hunting ‘accident’ and the estate will pass to his son, Paul. But his stepmother and stepsister have designs on the estate and the money and together they come up with an idea to gain it all - they are going to turn…

Lehmiller, Justin J. - The Psychology of Human Sexuality, ebook

The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Lehmiller, Justin J.


Features broad coverage of topics including anatomy, gender and sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, sexual difficulties and solutions, prostitution, and pornography Offers more in-depth treatment of relationships than comparable texts, with separate chapters dealing with attraction and relationship processes

Prest, Julia - Theatre under Louis XIV, ebook

Theatre under Louis XIV

Prest, Julia


Introduction: Cross-Dressing and Cross-Casting
Julia Prest
2. Unattractive Women: Cross-Casting in Comedy
Julia Prest
3. Boys will be Girls: Cross-Casting

Cocks, H. G. - Palgrave Advances in the Modern History of Sexuality, ebook

Palgrave Advances in the Modern History of Sexuality

Cocks, H. G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
H. G. Cocks, Matt Houlbrook
2. Demography
Hera Cook
3. Sexology
Chris Waters
4. Law
Matt Cook
5. Marriage and Reproduction
George Robb
6. Race and Empire
Ross Forman
7. Cities
Matt Houlbrook
8. Religion and Spirituality
H. G. Cocks

Phillips, John - Transgender on Screen, ebook

Transgender on Screen

Phillips, John


Table of contents
1. Introduction
John Phillips
2. Transgender in the Historical Imagination
John Phillips
3. Cross-dressing in Film Comedy
John Phillips
4. Psycho—Trans
John Phillips
5. Drama Queens and Macho Men
John Phillips
6. Walking on the Wild Side: Shemale Internet Pornography

Thomas, Jane - Thomas Hardy and Desire, ebook

Thomas Hardy and Desire

Thomas, Jane


As You Like It: Cross-Dressing and the Gendered Expression of Desire
Jane Thomas
7. Art, Aesthetics and Masculine Desire: The Well-Beloved (1897)
Jane Thomas
8. ‘Scanned Across the Dark Space’: Poetry, Desire