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Rees, Debbie - Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology, Perishables, ebook

Crop Post-Harvest: Science and Technology, Perishables

Rees, Debbie


Given their key importance in the world economy, Crop Post-Harvest Science and Technology: Perishables devotes itself to perishable produce, providing current and comprehensive knowledge on all the key factors affecting post-harvest quality of fruits and vegetables.

Yadav, Shyam Singh - Crop Adaptation to Climate Change, ebook

Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

Yadav, Shyam Singh


This book addresses these critical issues by presenting the science needed not only to understand climate change effects on crops but also to adapt current agricultural systems, particularly in regard to genetics, to the changing

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan - Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change, ebook

Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan


Two major challenges to continued global food security are the ever increasing demand for  food products, and the unprecedented abiotic stresses that crops face due to climate change.Wild relatives of domesticated crops serve as a reservoir of genetic

Patil, Jagannath V. - Millets and Sorghum: Biology and Genetic Improvement, ebook

Millets and Sorghum: Biology and Genetic Improvement

Patil, Jagannath V.


Millets and sorghum are extremely important crops in many developing nations and because of the ability of many of them to thrive in low-moisture situations they represent some exciting opportunities for further development to address the continuing and increasing impact of global temperature

Fletcher, Jacqueline - Crop Biosecurity, ebook

Crop Biosecurity

Fletcher, Jacqueline


Evaluation of Critical Issues and Identification of Research and Investments Needs in the Field of Crop Biosecurity in Europe
Maria Lodovica Gullino, Abraham Gamliel, Jacqueline Fletcher
13. European Commission's Green Paper on Bio-Preparedness