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Yadav, Shyam Singh - Crop Adaptation to Climate Change, ebook

Crop Adaptation to Climate Change

Yadav, Shyam Singh


This book addresses these critical issues by presenting the science needed not only to understand climate change effects on crops but also to adapt current agricultural systems, particularly in regard to genetics, to the changing

Yan, Weikai - Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis, ebook

Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis

Yan, Weikai


Variety trials are an essential step in crop breeding and production. These trials are a significant investment in time and resources and inform numerous decisions from cultivar development to end-use.  Crop Variety Trials: Methods and Analysis is

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan - Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change, ebook

Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan


Two major challenges to continued global food security are the ever increasing demand for  food products, and the unprecedented abiotic stresses that crops face due to climate change.Wild relatives of domesticated crops serve as a reservoir of genetic

Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar - Crop Improvement, ebook

Crop Improvement

Abdullah, Siti Nor Akmar


Alternative Strategy in Crop Protection: Protease Inhibitors from Turmeric
Chan Seow-Neng, Norliza Abu Bakar, Maziah Mahmood, Ho Chai-Ling, Noor Azmi Shaharuddin
12. Sustainable Supply Chains: Utilisation of Whole Crops

Hakeem, Khalid Rehman - Crop Improvement, ebook

Crop Improvement

Hakeem, Khalid Rehman


Biotic Stress and Crop Improvement: A Wheat Focus Around Novel Strategies
Alvina Gul Kazi, Awais Rasheed, Abdul Mujeeb-Kazi
8. Variability in Fusarium species Causing Wilt Disease in Crops: A Transcriptomic Approach to

Vollmann, Johann - Oil Crops, ebook

Oil Crops

Vollmann, Johann


Oil Crop Breeding and Genetics
Johann Vollmann, Istvan Rajcan
2. Modifying Vegetable Oils for Food and Non-food Purposes
Edgar B. Cahoon, Thomas E. Clemente, Howard G. Damude, Anthony J. Kinney
3. Soybean
Elroy R. Cober, Silvia R. Cianzio, Vincent

Folta, Kevin M. - Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae, ebook

Genetics and Genomics of Rosaceae

Folta, Kevin M.


Genomics Approaches to Crop Improvement in the Rosaceae
Cameron Peace, Jay Norelli
3. Genomics Opportunities, New Crops and New Products
Nahla Bassil, Kimberly Lewers
Part I. Apples: (Chapters 4 – 7)
4. Introduction to Apple (Malus x domestica)

Struik, Paul C. - Crop Systems Biology, ebook

Crop Systems Biology

Struik, Paul C.


Modelling of Genotype by Environment Interaction and Prediction of Complex Traits across Multiple Environments as a Synthesis of Crop Growth Modelling, Genetics and Statistics
Daniela Bustos-Korts, Marcos Malosetti, Scott Chapman, Fred Eeuwijk
4. Process-Based