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Goldman, Irwin - Plant Breeding Reviews, ebook

Plant Breeding Reviews

Goldman, Irwin


Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops

Bueren, Edith T. Lammerts van - Organic Crop Breeding, ebook

Organic Crop Breeding

Bueren, Edith T. Lammerts van


Organic Crop Breeding provides readers with a thorough review of the latest efforts by crop breeders and geneticists to develop improved varieties for organic production. The book opens with chapters looking at

Brown, Jack - An Introduction to Plant Breeding, ebook

An Introduction to Plant Breeding

Brown, Jack


Plants have been successfully selectively bred for thousands of years, culminating in incredible yields, quality, resistance and so on that we see in our modern day crops and ornamental plants. In recent years the techniques used have been rapidly advanced and refined to include molecular,

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan - Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change, ebook

Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change

Dulloo, Mohammad Ehsan


Two major challenges to continued global food security are the ever increasing demand for  food products, and the unprecedented abiotic stresses that crops face due to climate change.Wild relatives of domesticated crops serve as a reservoir of genetic