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Walters, Glenn D. - Modelling the Criminal Lifestyle, ebook

Modelling the Criminal Lifestyle

Walters, Glenn D.


Tracing the Roots of Criminal Lifestyle Theory
Glenn D. Walters
2. Definitions and Major Assumptions
Glenn D. Walters
3. The Fractal Nature of Lifestyles
Glenn D. Walters
4. The Control Model of Criminal

Amatrudo, Anthony - Criminal Actions and Social Situations, ebook

Criminal Actions and Social Situations

Amatrudo, Anthony


Organisations and Their Enterprise in UK Criminal Law and in International Law
Anthony Amatrudo
Section 3. Reality and Sociology
5. Real-Life Cases: War Criminal Prosecutions and the Treatment of Membership of Illegal

UNKNOWN - Genetics of Criminal and Antisocial Behaviour, ebook

Genetics of Criminal and Antisocial Behaviour



This book offers a fresh perspective on the controversial topic of criminal and antisocial behavior. It synthesizes findings from behavioral and population genetics, evolutionary biology and criminology and presents the latest findings in twin studies,

Calkins, Cynthia - Sexual Violence, ebook

Sexual Violence

Calkins, Cynthia


Table of contents
1. Starting the Conversation: A Shift in Paradigm
Elizabeth L. Jeglic, Cynthia Calkins
2. Overview of Sexual Offender Typologies, Recidivism, and Treatment
Brandy L. Blasko
Part I. Sex Offender Policies
3. Sex Offender…