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Platt, Stephen - Criminal Capital, ebook

Criminal Capital

Platt, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Harmful Practices
Stephen Platt
2. Money Laundering Models
Stephen Platt
3. Onshore/Offshore Dichotomy
Stephen Platt
4. Drug Trafficking
Stephen Platt
5. Bribery And Corruption
Stephen Platt

Andresen, Martin A. - The Criminal Act, ebook

The Criminal Act

Andresen, Martin A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin A. Andresen, Graham Farrell
2. Meaningfully and Artfully Reinterpreting Crime for Useful Science: An Essay on the Value of Building with Simple Theory
John E. Eck, Tamara D. Madensen
3. Routine…

He, Ni - Chinese Criminal Trials, ebook

Chinese Criminal Trials

He, Ni


Table of contents
Part I. Historical Context
1. Chinese Legality
Ni He
2. Imperial Bureaucracy and Criminal Trials
Ni He
Part II. Socio-legal Context
3. Tripartite Rules: Rule of Man, Rule by Law and Rule of Law
Ni He
4. Rule of Law in China: Social Milieu and Global Survey
Ni He

Vriend, Koen - Avoiding a Full Criminal Trial, ebook

Avoiding a Full Criminal Trial

Vriend, Koen


Full Criminal Proceedings in Decline
Koen Vriend
2. Diversions, Shortcuts and the Concept of Fairness
Koen Vriend
3. Diversions and Shortcuts in Dutch Law of Criminal Procedure
Koen Vriend
4. Diversions and Shortcuts in the Law of International

Walters, Glenn D. - Modelling the Criminal Lifestyle, ebook

Modelling the Criminal Lifestyle

Walters, Glenn D.


Tracing the Roots of Criminal Lifestyle Theory
Glenn D. Walters
2. Definitions and Major Assumptions
Glenn D. Walters
3. The Fractal Nature of Lifestyles
Glenn D. Walters
4. The Control Model of Criminal

Knight, Charlotte - Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice, ebook

Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice

Knight, Charlotte


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Challenge of Uncovering and Using Emotions in Criminal Justice
Charlotte Knight
2. Emotions and Criminal Justice
Charlotte Knight
3. Diversity, Power and Emotion
Charlotte Knight
4. Values: Positive and Negative Emotional Control in Work with Offenders

Hucklesby, Anthea - The Private Sector and Criminal Justice, ebook

The Private Sector and Criminal Justice

Hucklesby, Anthea


The Private Sector and Criminal Justice: An Introduction
Stuart Lister, Anthea Hucklesby
2. Vanishing Boundaries of Control: Implications for Security and Sovereignty of the Changing Nature and Global Expansion of Neoliberal Criminal