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Shapiro, Michael J. - War Crimes, Atrocity and Justice, ebook

War Crimes, Atrocity and Justice

Shapiro, Michael J.


What do we know about war crimes and justice? What are thediscursive practices through which the dominant images of warcrimes, atrocity and justice are understood?
In this wide ranging text, Michael J. Shapiro contrasts thejustice-related imagery of the war crimes

Kakabadse, Andrew - State Crimes Against Democracy, ebook

State Crimes Against Democracy

Kakabadse, Andrew


Introduction: State Crimes Against Democracy — Political Forensics in Public Affairs
Matthew T. Witt, Andrew Kakabadse
2. State Crimes Against Democracy: A Clarification of Connotations
John Dixon, Scott Spehr, John

Munk, Bernard E. - Disorganized Crimes, ebook

Disorganized Crimes

Munk, Bernard E.


Table of contents
1. Who’s the Fish?
Bernard E. Munk
2. Behind Every Great Fortune Is a Great Crime
Bernard E. Munk
3. Seeing One’s Friends Getting Rich Is Upsetting
Bernard E. Munk
4. Round Up the Usual Suspects

Chesterton, G. K. - The Crimes of England, ebook

The Crimes of England

Chesterton, G. K.


A fascinating critique on England's actions before and during the First World War, written a year after the War's end by prolific English writer G. K. Chesterton.

Crowe, David M. - War Crimes, Genocide, and Justice, ebook

War Crimes, Genocide, and Justice

Crowe, David M.


War and Crimes in China and Postmedieval Europe
David M. Crowe
3. Colonialism: The Americas, Asia, and Africa
David M. Crowe
4. Birth of the Modern Laws of War—Lieber to Versailles
David M. Crowe
5. Peace, Law, and the Crimes of World War

Chelysheva, Oksana - Who Is Responsible? War Crimes in Chechnya, ebook

Who Is Responsible? War Crimes in Chechnya

Chelysheva, Oksana


The Russian Federation has not efficiently investigated any of the crimes in Chechnya and the perpetrators remain unpunished. Based on statistical data of thousands of crimes against the Chechens, the book announces the prohibited

Gow, James - Security, Democracy and War Crimes, ebook

Security, Democracy and War Crimes

Gow, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Gow, Ivan Zverzžhanovski
2. Civil-Military Relations from the Break-Up of Yugoslavia to the Fall of Milošević
James Gow, Ivan Zverzžhanovski
3. De-Politicisation and Transition Delayed
James Gow, Ivan Zverzžhanovski
4. Civilianising Defence Policy-Making

Dion, Michel - Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy, ebook

Financial Crimes and Existential Philosophy

Dion, Michel


Table of contents
1. Existential/Existentiell Philosophy
Michel Dion
2. Nietzsche and Informal Value Transfer Systems (IVTS)
Michel Dion
3. Kierkegaard and the Aesthetic/Ethical Life-View: The Issue of Money Laundering
Michel Dion

Sollund, Ragnhild Aslaug - Green Harms and Crimes, ebook

Green Harms and Crimes

Sollund, Ragnhild Aslaug


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Critical Green Criminology — An Agenda for Change
Ragnhild Aslaug Sollund
2. State-Corporate Environmental Harms and Paradoxical Interventions: Thoughts in Honour of Stanley Cohen
Avi Brisman, Nigel…