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Barth, James - The Rise and Fall of the US Mortgage and Credit Markets, ebook

The Rise and Fall of the US Mortgage and Credit Markets

Barth, James


Mortgage and Credit Markets, renowned finance expert James Barth offers a comprehensive examination of the mortgage meltdown. Together with a team of economists at the Milken Institute, he explores the shock waves that have rippled through the entire financial sector

Gamble, Andrew - Can the Welfare State Survive?, ebook

Can the Welfare State Survive?

Gamble, Andrew


After the most serious economic crash since the 1930s and the slowest recovery on record, austerity rules. Spending on the welfare state did not cause the crisis, but deep cuts in welfare budgets has become the default policy response. The welfare state…

GA&P - Avoiding House Reposessions in England and Wales, ebook

Avoiding House Reposessions in England and Wales



Are you worried about having your house repossessed? Does the idea of a knock on the door keep you awake at night? Do you really know your rights? This excellent quick-read guide gives you answers to the most commonly asked questions, and firmly puts…

Roberts, Ralph R. - Loan Modification For Dummies, ebook

Loan Modification For Dummies

Roberts, Ralph R.


The crucial information you need to secure a reliable loan modification and save your home
Behind on your mortgage payments? Worried about losing your home? Don't panic. Loan Modification For Dummies gives you the reliable, authoritative, easy-to-understand…